161 Burns Bay Road
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: 02 9427 1055

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New Bicycles

Looking for a new bike? Renegade Cycles is a full-service Sydney bike shop, located in Lane Cove in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, We have been helping customers get the bikes that are right for them since 1993. We are an authorised Sydney dealer for Trek, Bombtrack and Electra bikes. All bicycles come fully assembled and have long or lifetime frame warranties. If you would like to buy a bike that is perfect for you, we encourage you to read our Bike Buying Guide and then visit us.

What's On Its Way

With supply chain issues running rampant, we have a new feature to help you secure a new bicycle that may be unavailable now but which is on its way.  Simply click on our Trek Bikes Due in Soon to see what's coming in the next month or so. If something is to your liking, then don't delay: secure it!  We'll update the list periodically to keep it as current as we reasonably can. Happy Shopping! 


COVID Update

We remain open for business but we have changed our days and hours of operation. Under the latest guidelines, our team are all essential workers due to our transport support work and our bicycle repair work. We are also happy to help you with any contactless purchases should that be your preference. Please phone ahead and we will assist you or use our service request form to expedite work on your bicycle. Use the rear entrance down Charlish Lane to collect any items bought in this manner.

Remember to practice social distancing, wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and follow the one shopper per household guidelines.

Our staff are doing a wonderful job trying to provide you with essential goods and services. Thank you for your cooperation and patience!


Regardless of the brand of bike that you buy you want your bike shop to stand by your decision. No one does that more than Renegade Cycles. We are the only bike shop in the world that offers you a 90-day money-back guarantee on your new bicycle. It means we have to do everything we can to sell you the bike that is right for you. So before you settle on a bike brand, consider your bike shop choice too. More.

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