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Do You Wave?

My bicycle commute to Renegade Cycles is short. I don’t go the direct way and it still takes only 20 minutes. A good stretch of it is coming up the Gore Hill Cycleway against the steady flow of people riding into the city. It’s quite a study some days. 

There are people whom I regularly see since our daily routines cross paths along this 1.5km stretch at roughly the same time each morning.

There is the young woman on a folding bike. Riding confidently, not in a hurry, and seemingly thoroughly enjoying her daily commute.

The young guns. It’s downhill for them. Every day looks like there’s a race on. Or maybe they are very keen to get to work. Maybe not, I’m guessing. It’s more than likely they are going all out for bragging rights on Strava or they are in a competition with the maximum speed on their cycle computer. On my way home in autumn and winter, these are the riders who have their headlights on full bore, blinding me with their 1,000 lumen candlepower as they make their way uphill on the well-lit cycle path. “Thanks mate. Nice headlight.” I say to myself as I squint to see past them.

Others are more relaxed and enjoying their morning downhill run toward Sydney. Not much Lycra© for this lot. If it’s a fine day, they are out. Rain jackets are not part of their commuting wardrobe. The ride always seems better the more of these people I see on any given day. It reminds me that bike riding is normal.

Then there are the day-in and day-out riders. Generally they are on road bikes or fully-equipped hybrids. Lights often on even in the daytime for improved safety. And on low-beam, thank you! They ride a straight line. They ride in all kinds of weather sporting cycle clothing to match. Best of all, when our paths cross they wave. How good is that!

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