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To E or not to E?

Electric bicycles are certainly the fastest growing segment in the bike industry. In the past couple of years Bosch and Shimano have staked their claim as leaders in e-bike technology. Mid-drive pedal-assist motors now predominate the field. The weight of e-bikes has come down about 5kgs and will no doubt continue to drop. And with the major bike companies now incorporating batteries into the frames, e-bikes no longer look like the e-bikes of old with a massive battery stuck onto the frame like an afterthought. Thankfully, the range is now upwards of 100km on a single charge. Welcome to the sleek versatile e-bikes of today.

Many of our customers admittedly aren’t keen on this new revolution in cycling. Purists enjoy riding in the knowledge that it’s just their own efforts moving their two-wheel wonders around. “I’ll convert when I have to” is a common age-defying statement here in the shop.

But there are reasons why e-bikes are here to stay:
First of course for older riders is that age IS catching up with them. Having a level of assistance on the hills means you can still do the same rides no matter how challenging they are. Similarly, new riders need not be daunted by Sydney’s hilly terrain.
It makes errands easy. No driving for around for a park. No sweat required. Etc. So easy in fact that one of our e-bike customers has downsized to a one-car family and another is now car-free.
It allows people of disparate abilities to ride together.
Mountain bikers love the fact that time saved on uphills leads to more of those exhilirating downhill runs.
Commuting is a breeze and typically quicker than driving.

But the number one reason people opt for an e-bike is that they are unbelievably fun to ride. The almost universal reaction to an e-bike test ride is “Wow!”. Followed by the mind realizing all the things they can do if they had an e-bike.
Discover the ‘Wow!’ factor for yourself and try one out. You may just be an E-convert.

We Make Cycling Easier
So you can enjoy your riding more.