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What's in Your Wardrobe?

I don’t know about you but I don’t wear out my cycling jerseys very often. Bibshorts, sure. But not my jerseys. Usually what happens is that I enter a few rides every year and accumulate the odd jersey. Around the Bay in a Day last year comes to mind. I got one of the 25th anniversary jerseys. It was dark blue and had a lot of fluoro green, pink, yellow, and light blue hashes on it. I really didn’t like it much.

When it comes time to face facts – i.e., the jersey drawer is chockers – things have to go. Like that jersey. Other jerseys I’ve had for years. They feel a part of me. I’ll hang on to them until I actually do wear them out.

I still have our first Renegade Cycles jersey design. One of my favourite moments at the shop was when one of our customers told me he was riding through Scotland and he spotted another rider with our jersey flying through an intersection. Another customer also told me how he ran into someone out near the Birdsville Track and both of them had their Renegade jerseys on. The other guy was a German tourist who decided our jersey would make a good Aussie memento of his travels. Got to love it.

I really liked the days of team jerseys. Being a Klein lover I still have my Gerolsteiner jersey and bibshorts. Super comfortable. I still break them out on a hot summer’s day. I always liked the Mapei ‘Cube’ jersey too. I never owned one but when I see one on a rider I think they must be like me. Proud.

Then there are the club designs. I rode a few tours with the Hunters Hill Good Guys (+ Frank). One year one of the guys came up with a Cape to Cape/Margaret River jersey. I thought it was a fun design and great execution. I still have it.

Then there are the autographed jerseys. We have a few in the shop but in my wardrobe I have a Gary Fisher signed Subaru jersey. I don’t wear it too often but I still think it’s pretty cool. Just like the man himself.

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