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You'll Be Pumped

Is the world riding around on underinflated bicycle tyres? Is something that is free keeping people from enjoying their riding more? Yes, we’re talking ‘air’ people. Or lack of it to be more precise.

Many people are surprised to learn that air escapes from all inner tubes. Those little air molecules eventually find their way through the rubber. You can’t see them leaving. But the great escape is on night and day.

Kids and mountain bike tyres typically run in a 30-60 psi band, hybrids 60-100, and road bikes 90-120. The recommended tyre pressure range will be embossed onto the sidewall of your tyre. It’s not often easy to find but it’s there.

In a typical week we’ll have someone through the shop who thinks they need new inner tubes because their tyres are flat. “When was the last time you pumped your tyres?” we ask. Silence. (The correct answer is fortnightly for lower pressure tyres and every 1-4 days for higher pressure tyres.)

The other common occurrence is “Your tyres are a bit low,” we say. “Really, I just pumped them the other day with a hand pump that I have,” they say. Out comes our floor pump. Bang it on the valve. The needle on the gauge goes to 18 psi. Houston, we have a problem.

The solution: A floor pump in every household of Sydney. Easy to operate. Pump your tyres to the right pressure. No more futile trips to the petrol station. Get one. Use it.

Voila! Riding will be so much easier. Dare I say it: You’ll be pumped with the result and floored at the difference.


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