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Clothing and Accessories

From the essential to the exotic, accessories are an important part of your cycling gear.

Accessories can be split into several categories. Firstly the essential items such as helmets, lights, pumps, locks and so on which everyone should consider. Then upgrades to your bicycle whether it's new or old. These can include better tyres, a more comfortable saddle, and clipless pedals. Hydration and energy is a key category. The better you keep your body hydrated and fueled the faster and longer you can ride and the better you'll bounce back. Transporting things with your bike and even carrying your bike itself oftentimes is a necessity depending on your circumstances. Cycle clothing is completely underrated by those new to cycling and obsessed over by those who ride often. (See Rebecca's insights into women's cycling clothing.) Navigation often falls into the nice-to-have category but even a simple Where to Ride book will give you lots of ideas. There are clever maintenance products which you should consider. And then there are those extras. From the kickstand to a home trainer, these items often present a simple solution to your needs.

In the table below we delve into many accessories and give you a hint of the brands that we carry and some insights. As always, all of us at Renegade Cycles can recommend a product for your needs. If you would like to know which accessories people typically consider based on their type of bike please look at our Bike Buying Guide page and jump to the Accessories topic. We have provided links to the brands listed in the table at the bottom of the page.

Category | Accessory

Why You Should Have One

Brands That We Recommend


Essentials There are certain products you shouldn't be without.

Helmet It protects you. It's the law too.
Lazer, Bontrager, Bern
All are to Australian Standard. Safety features, ventilation and comfort improve with price. Better adult ones come in a variety of sizes too.
Lights See and be seen. Must have before sunrise and after sunset. A good idea any time.
Moon, Bontrager, Infini
Lumens (brightness) and battery life improve with price. Many are USB rechargeable.
Lock Protect your investment. 10% of the value of your bike is a good rule of thumb for how much you should spend on your lock.
Abus, Bontrager, Lazer
Abus are a German specialty lock manufacturer. As you go up in price, security levels increase. Their top-of-the-line U-locks can withstand cutting, twisting and 8 tonnes of hydraulic force. Lazer make a "cappuccino lock" that turns many of their helmets into a deterrent lock for your bike and helmet.
Floor pump
The smart way to keep your tyres pumped. An absolute must if you want to roll easier.
Bontrager Tyres lose air every few days. Floor pumps deliver the air pressure with a minimum of fuss. Every home should have one.
Mini-pump The pump that can get you home.
Bontrager Carry this on your bike as part of your flat tyre solution.
CO2 inflator
The alternative to the mini-pump.
Planet Earth, Bontrager
Can inflate a tyre in seconds. A favourite with roadies and mountain bikers alike.
Saddle bag
Carry your spares, wallet, keys etc.
Bontrager A really handy solution which comes in various sizes.
Spare tube
Some punctures can't be repaired.
Bontrager, Vittoria
A necessity for anyone planning to fix a flat tyre. Bontrager make a premium lightweight high performance tube that is also ideal for transport in your saddle bag due to its protective wrapping. Vittoria tubes are very reliable.
Repair kit
Tyre levers to get your tyre off and glueless patches to fix minor punctures.
Bontrager, BBB
A necessity for anyone planning to fix a flat tyre.
Chain lubricant
Your bike rides better with the right chain oil.
Morgan Blue, Finish Line
There are various types of lubricants for various conditions. Apply regularly. We can recommend which oil will suit your riding best. WD40 and sewing oil should be avoided!
Upgrades Upgrading aspects of your bike can lead to a much better ride.
Saddle The right saddle can make a huge difference.
Bontrager, Brooks
Saddles come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for different types of riding. Bontrager offer a 30-day comfort guarantee.
Tyres Can make a huge difference to cornering, traction, puncture protection, speed, climbing and descending.
Bontrager, Vittoria, Vredestein, Maxxis
Tell us what properties you want and we'll offer a solution.
Clipless pedals
Improve your cycling performance. Much like a ski-binding, these are a must for anyone putting in the distances.
Shimano, Time, Speedplay
There are road pedals and mountain/city pedal systems. Shimano are the most popular. Speedplay have a following. Time are totally underrated and also good if you have any knee issues.
Cycling shoes
Cleats that come with the pedals are installed on your shoes and the cleats engage the pedals.
Northwave, Bontrager, Bont
There are road and mountain/city types of shoes to match. Northwave is a leading Italian cycling shoe company. Bontrager offer a 30-day comfort guarantee. Bont are at the forefront of cycling shoe design.
Aerobars The triathlete's advantage.
Bontrager Provides superior aerodynamics.
Bar ends
Extensions to flat handle bars.
BBB Provides additional riding positions.
Hydration | Energy Ride farther and recover faster. You'll be surprised at the difference. We use and can recommend products for you.
Water bottle
Purpose-built to be carried on your bike.
Renegade Cycles, Bontrager
Clear, wide mouth bottles are the most popular.
Water bottle cage
Mounts to your bicycle frame and carries your bottle.
Arundel, Bontrager, BBB, Minoura
Better cages grip the bottles better and at the premium end are extremely light.
Rehydration formula
Your body loses more than just water when you sweat.
Endura, Hammer Nutrition
Advisable on rides greater than 40 minutes. Electrolytes and magnesium need replenishing. Some powders also contain carbohydrates.
Energy formula
Your body needs energy to keep going.
Endura, Hammer Nutrition
Quick absorbing carbohydrate energy gels. Have one every hour that you ride.
Recovery formula
For extended exercise and better recovery.
Endura, Hammer Nutrition
Protein, carbohydrate and electrolyte formula. Use before, during and after extended rides.
Transport Whether it's your groceries, your spares, your own bike or even your own baby, these are handy.
Basket Groceries or whatever.
Electra, Bicorp
Many clip on and off easily or come with a removable bag.
Handlebar bag
Useful for commuting or touring where quick access or extra cargo space is required.
Bontrager Easy clip on and off. Soft padded bags or hard shell versions available.
Bicycle rack for your bike
Carry more with a rack that sits over your rear wheel.
Bontrager, Topeak
Alloy, lightweight and sturdy. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit most bikes.
Panniers The bags that attach to the sides or top of your bicycle rack.
Bontrager, Deuter, Topeak
Various capacities and features.
Backpack Popular with commuters and mountain bikers.
Deuter, Monkee See
Various capacities and features. Deuter make some really well thought out products. Monkee See make hi-viz backpack covers.
Child carrier
When leaving baby behind is not an option.
Generally suitable for 6-month-olds up to 22kg. To Australian Standard.
Bicycle carrier for your car
Transport your bike or travel with it.
Thule, Hollywood
Tow-bar, roof rack and strap-on solutions. We can advise what works on your particular model of car. Thule are the brand of choice. Great products and after-sales service.
Clothing When you start riding over an hour at a time, you'll discover why we wear what we do. Comfort!
Gloves Really useful accessory for all riders.
Santini, Bontrager, Bellwether
Improve your comfort and control. Protect your hands too. Some have gel padding. Winter gloves provide year-round riding comfort.
Knicks | Shorts
Knicks are sleek Lycra® with synthetic chamois padding. Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable. Shorts have in-built padding.
Santini, Bontrager, Bellwether
A comfort must-have if you ride over an hour at a time. Material and chamois quality improve with price. Knicks also come in a bib 'n' brace style for added comfort. Experienced cyclists prefer them.
Jersey Jerseys help keep you dry and your body temperature stable.
Santini, Bontrager, Bellwether
Loose or tight fitting garments are available and most have rear cargo pockets. A base layer underneath your jersey adds to your comfort. Better quality jerseys keep you drier and cooler.
Jacket | Vest
Layers are best when cycling
Santini, Bontrager, Monkee See
Vests help shield you from the wind. Jackets can provide warmth and varying degrees of rain protection. Some also have inbuilt reflective material and stitching. Hi-viz safety harnesses are available from Monkee See.
Tights For cool weather riding.
Santini, BBB
Capri (3/4 length) versions for women are also very popular year round.
Cycling socks
They breathe and keep your feet drier.
Santini, Bontrager, BBB
Various fabrics, colours and heights to suit just about anyone. Wool socks for wet/cold conditions are available.
Warmers Arm, knee, leg and booties are really versatile for rides in changing conditions.
Santini, BBB
Also lets you adapt your summer wardrobe to spring and autumn conditions.
Chamois creme
Apply the chamois creme directly to your knicks' chamois to reduce friction and prolong chamois life.
Morgan Blue
A comfort must-have on rides over an hour.
Navigation Plan. Explore. Record. Accomplish.
Plan your ride, be navigated during your ride, record and plot your ride, keep track of distance, time and altitude measures. Can download to your computer and load into Strava.
Magellan GPS
The Magellan GPS cyclo computer range is loaded with features including a few not found elsewhere. In our opinion Magellan GPS is far better value and more user-friendly than the first brand to launch in this category - Garmin.
Cycle computer
Record speed, distance and time measurements. Some models include cadence, temperature and a backlight for night-time riding.
Bontrager have a very smart and tidy SpeedTrap, DuoTrap and DuoTrap S set of sensors which can be installed within many models of Trek frames and forks.
Where to Ride books
Get some inspiration.
Bicycling Australia
Books with rides for most capital cities and Sydney mountain biking.
Maintenance Interested in looking after your bike? Or fixing it out on the road or trail? These will help.
Mini tools Handy tools for those who want a degree of self-sufficiency out on the road and trail.
Crank Bros, BBB, Bontrager
Offers the capability of emergency repairs and on-the-spot bike adjustments.
Workshop tools
Do it yourself.
BBB, Shimano, Park Tool
For the enthusiast.
Starter kit
Chain cleaner and drive train essentials.
FinishLine, Morgan Blue, BBB
Looking after your drive train is the first progression to better riding from a well-maintained bike. The FinishLine chain cleaner and Morgan Blue degreaser is a winning combination that we use on your bike in our workshop.
Repair stand
For the home mechanic.
Minoura, Park Tool Minoura probably offers the best value. Park Tool is for those wanting a professional workshop set-up.
Maintenance books
Some really great reference books out there by people who know what they're talking about.
Bicycling Australia
The "Zinn and the Art of...Maintenance." series is the benchmark.
Maintenance seminar
A hands-on 3-hour seminar that we run.
Renegade Cycles
Informal and informative! Learn how to adjust your brakes and gears, change an inner tube and look after your drive train.
Extras The humble kickstand is one of our best selling accessories. Here it is plus some other ideas.
Kickstand The practical accessory.
BBB, Bontrager, Bicorp
It's convenient. Alloy ones are recommended for their strength and light weight.
Cycling sunglasses Protect your eyes. Cut the glare. Add some style.
BBB Fantastic value sunglasses. Many models come with clear and yellow lenses for night and cloudy riding conditions. Also photochromatic options. A variety of style and colours are available including gift packs.
Home trainer
Turn your bike into an indoor exercise bike.
Minoura Plenty of choice including models with associated apps so you can replicate rides. The better ones have larger flywheels to simulate real riding better.
Power Meter
Track your power. Stages Cycling
Stages Cycling's power meter is pure genius. Its elegantly designed technology is embedded into upper-end left hand alloy cranks. It measures minute deflections in the crank as you pedal and translates this accurately into the wattage that you are generating.
Storage solutions
Keep your garage or home organised.
BBB, Pro, Bicorp
Wall and floor storage solutions.
Mirror For the commuter or tourer.
Mirrycle, Zefal
Handlebar mounted mirrors.
Chainstay protector
Protect your frame.
BBB Protect your mountain or road bike chainstay from chain slap.


Brands with websites linked are activated below. Please note that many are overseas websites. Not all products shown are available in Australia and in some cases products shown may not comply with Australian standards or laws. As much as we like these brands and their products, we take no responsibility for products bought on-line nor for the content of these websites.

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