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3 Years Ago

On 20 March 2019 Trek and Bontrager unveiled a ground-breaking helmet technology called WaveCel. This revolutionary material is proven to be up to 48x more effective than standard EPS foam at preventing concussion from common cycling accidents. WaveCel is a collapsible cellular material that lines the inside of Bontrager helmets. This was a major milestone in cycling history that changed cycling and made helmets better for all riders. We have the current range of Bontrager WaveCel helmets in stock now. Slow adopters: maybe it's your time!



Regardless of the brand of bike that you buy you want your bike shop to stand by your decision. No one does that more than Renegade Cycles. We are the only bike shop in the world that offers you a 90-day money-back guarantee on your new bicycle. It means we have to do everything we can to sell you the bike that is right for you. So before you settle on a bike brand, consider your bike shop choice too. More.

Service and Repairs

Looking for a new bicycle shop in Sydney to look after your bike? Now is a great time as our Winter Overhaul Special is on during July and August. So please try us. We think you'll be pleased. Our workshop has a lot going for it. Our mechanics are experienced and very good at what they do. There isn't too much that we haven't seen or fixed. There's no need to book either. Just drop in. Use the lane alongside the shop to park at the back and we'll take your bike in from there. It's easy!


New Bicycles

Looking for a new bike? Renegade Cycles is a full-service Sydney bike shop, located in Lane Cove in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, We have been helping customers get the bikes that are right for them since 1993. We are an authorised Sydney dealer for Trek, Bombtrack and Electra bikes. All bicycles come fully assembled and have long or lifetime frame warranties. If you would like to buy a bike that is perfect for you, we encourage you to read our Bike Buying Guide and then visit us.

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