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Lane Cove NSW 2066
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Service and Repairs

Our Winter Overhaul Special is currently running during July and August. Get $100 off the normal Total Strip and Rebuild price!

Looking for a new Sydney bike shop to service or repair your bicycle? Please try us. We think you'll be pleased. Our workshop has a lot going for it.

  1. Experienced mechanics. There isn't much we haven't come across.
  2. On-the-spot assessment. We'll recommend a course of action and an estimate of the cost. If additional work is required that is disproportionate to the estimate, we'll contact you first to get your OK.
  3. Real world testing. We can test ride your bike in our laneway to both diagnose problems before we do the work and to check our work after we perform it.
  4. Solutions. We have many Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM spares on hand in addition to standard components.
  5. Expertise. You'll find wheel building, brake bleeding, fork servicing expertise and Bosch-trained E-bike technicians amongst our staff.
  6. No nonsense. We use professional tools and the same high quality lubes and cleaners that we sell in the shop.
  7. You're busy. We understand that. There is no need to book your bicycle in for a service or repair. Just drop it in.
  8. Parking. We have easy-access parking down the laneway behind the shop to drop off and pick up your bike.
  9. Convenient hours. Our workshop is open 7 days a week.
  10. Quick turnaround. Our benchmark on services and repairs is 1-2 days. We usually achieve 1 day.
  11. Guaranteed workmanship. If we didn't do something correctly we'll sort it out quickly for you.

What we offer

When your bicycle has one or two specific repair needs, we can address them on an item-by-item basis. For most people one of our services is the best course of action. You can choose from five levels of service on adult bicycles:

  • Basic Service
  • General Service
  • E-Bike Service (Bicycles with Bosch mid-drive motors) and Shimano Di2 Service
  • Premium Service
  • Total Overhaul/Strip and Rebuild

Our E-bike/Di2 General Service is $219.95 and includes software updates, special cleaning around electronic/electric systems and for e-bikes, a complete diagnostic Bosch e-bike system checkover and report by our Bosch-trained technicians.

There is also a Basic Service for children's bicycles and BMX bikes. Please see the table below for more information and prices for labour. Parts are extra. Just to let you know, we can replace most pram tyres and tubes.

 Basic Service

 General Service

 Premium Service

 Total Strip and Rebuild

 $ 99.95 + parts

 $169.95 + parts

 $219.95 + parts

 $319.95 + parts

Adjust gears & brakes; lube chain.
Check stem, bars, saddle, seatpost & pedals.
Spot true wheels.
Clean frame & inflate tyres.

Basic Service plus:
Degrease & clean drive train.
True and dish wheels.
Adjust headset & bottom bracket.
Clean & polish bicycle.

General Service plus:
Overhaul / install bottom bracket / front chainwheel set.
Adjust wheel bearings.
Install chain / cassette.
Install gear / brake cables / housing. (Additional charges may apply for internal cabling and hydraulic brake systems.)

Premium Service plus:
Strip and rebuild bicycle.
Clean & polish frame.
Clean components & reassemble bicycle.
Overhaul front & rear hubs.
Overhaul / install headset.
Install new cables and housing.
Install bar tape.
(Certain work such as internal cabling, brake bleeds, suspension overhauls, Bosch/Di2 diagnostics, etc. is extra.)

Basic Service for children's geared and BMX bikes ($99.95) and children's non-geared bikes ($59.95) are also available.

Our most popular service. Recommended at 6-12 month intervals.

Recommended when bottom bracket issues are evident or parts noted above are needed.
Installation not included for parts purchased elsewhere.

Highly recommended on an annual basis for enthusiasts or when your bike hasn't been serviced for some time. 

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