161 Burns Bay Road
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: 02 9427 1055

What We Stand For

Lane Cove on the Lower North Shore of Sydney is the home of Renegade Cycles. We're one of the easiest bicycle shops in Sydney to shop for your cycling needs. You'll find convenient parking, quality products and friendly and knowledgeable staff to serve you. We've been in business since 1993. We are locally owned and operated. 

Our Vision is to see the greater Lane Cove area and the Sydney Lower North Shore and Inner West become a community that embraces cycling for all of its health, environmental, lifestyle, and transport benefits.

Our Mission is to encourage people of all ages to take up cycling and to help our customers have an active lifestyle and a rewarding and enjoyable sense of community through their cycling experiences.

That's what we stand for at Renegade Cycles. Here are the Values that make us what we are.

Renegade Heritage
Nurturing the spirit and adventure of cycling combined with steadfast service since 1993.

Renegade Choice
We offer the products to make your cycling more enjoyable.

Renegade Expertise
Engaging staff who live and love cycling to serve you.

Renegade Community
A cycling community is a healthy community in more ways than one.
Health - Environment- Transport - Social - Place

Renegade Excellence
An easy and enjoyable shop for all your cycling needs.


A Cycling Community is a Healthy Community in more ways than one
Health - Environment - Transport - Social - Place